The worst corporate crime ever?

My wife and I recently saw the Sound of Freedom.

It shows child sex slavery is going on, right now as you read this.

Child sex slavery is the worst crime we can imagine.

We wept throught the movie, and you should too. Free tickets are availabe here.

Disney kept this film from being released for five years!
Five years of children being sold into sex slavery.
This, to us, is the worst crime in corporate history.
This Corporate Crime Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty!

Bankrupt Disney!

Sell Disney Stock Short, we have sold 500 shares short, all that we can afford.

Boycott all of Disney, movies, theme parks, and merchandise.

Boycott all movie theaters that continue to show Disney movies.

This is a market crime  against all humanity that can and will be punished by the market.

The market for Disney stock. The market for Disney products. And the market of companies that continue to do business with Disney.

And you can get paid your work, if you are willing to risk your money. Contact a stock brokerage firm and set up a short sale account. When you sell a stock short, you profit when its price goes down. Disney deserves to go down to zero, so your upside is limited to that.

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This message is brought to you by Treyeshua, also known at times as Mean Mormon.